Tips For Boosting Your Immune System Naturally

Have you ever noticed that some people seem more prone to come down with colds, flus and whatever is going around than others? Some people, like pre-school teachers, get sick more often simply because they’re more often exposed to bacteria and viruses. But some people get sick easily because they have a weak immune system. The immune system is comprised of cells, tissues and organs that help your body to identify foreign invaders and attack them. A strong immune system is a key to good health. To boost your immune system naturally, you can try the following:

Meditation. In one study, people who meditated had significantly fewer illnesses and sick days than the control group. The study’s findings suggested that meditation can reduce your chances of getting sick by half. One explanation for this effect is that meditation lowers stress, which weakens the immune system.

Probiotics. The “good bacteria” found in products like yogurt and fermented foods, like sauerkraut and Japanese miso, are known to protect against both digestive and respiratory infections. Moreover, they can decrease your risk of catching a cold by more than 40%. You can consume probiotics in food or in a more concentrated dose in pill form.

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Sleep. It is well-documented that sleep deprivation is very bad for the immune system. During sleep, your body produces proteins called cytokines, which protect your body from inflammation and infection. When your sleep is too short or interrupted, your body doesn’t have the opportunity to produce as much of these proteins. Eight hours of sleep is optimal for most adults.

Water. Drinking plenty of water is important to the immune system because it promotes the mucus membranes to secrete immune system cells. In addition to the recommended 64 ounces of water per day, you should drink an additional class for each caffeinated beverage you consume, like coffee or soda, and for each alcoholic drink as well.

Transfer factors. These are particles that assist in the transfer of immunity from one cell to another. Ingesting transfer factors extracted from cow colostrum or chicken egg yolks can help to strengthen your own immune system. One company that makes transfer factor supplements is 4Life. You can buy buy 4life transfer factor plus, which includes anti-oxidants, online. Click here for 4life transfer factor plus en espanol.